Calm The Mind

‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ is a British expression which has always spoken to me of not overthinking things to the point of panic.  There are times in our lives when we blow things out of proportion and convince ourselves that situations are worse than they actually are.  

This is all to do with that voice in our heads looking to save us from evil.  Some say it is the ego, some believe it to be intuition.  Sorting out whether the voice is good or bad is the crux of the matter.  Both can be useful under the right circumstances.  Staying calm and quieting the mind will help distinguish whether to fight or flee.

The more this is practised during non emergency times, the better one becomes with figuring out what actions need to be taken in more dire situations.  That is where daily meditation helps.  To keep the mind quiet, even for five minutes a day brings great benefits when there is a constant bombardment of thoughts steaming through your head.  

A few deep breaths and a calming of the mind will provide a satisfactory outcome.


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