Inspiration is one of those things that can not be explained nor can it be called forth on-demand.  Therefore, not many self-help books tackle this subject as it can be irrational.  Control seems to be a big part of the personal development movement and yet things like inspiration and intuition are aspects of life that cannot be harvested.

That, of course, is what makes them so exciting.  When an idea hits and there are good feelings about it, acting quickly is always rewarded.  Where, in the ether, these ideas come from does not matter nor is it easy to trust those insights.  Sometimes, the things popping into one’s head are so outrageous, taking a chance is shot down by self-doubt and a need to feel safe.

Admittedly, not every inspiration is a winner.  I would venture to say that the ones that will not go away must be acted on.  Let the chips fall where they may.

Tuning in to that inner voice (not the nagging, negative one) is a special gift.  Great things come when you, boldly, take part in audacious endeavours.  Have the courage to act on your inspirations.


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