These Poor Terrorists

‘Hurt people, hurt people’.  That sums up these pathetic terrorists who have decided to wreck havoc on peace-loving, democratic people.  How they must despise themselves in order to want to destroy their fellow man.  They, obviously, have never known true love; not even for their own children or families.  Otherwise, they would never project such negativity on future generations by committing such heinous crimes.

No one can spin the fact that murder is wrong.  To have to live with being a senseless killer means they are filled with hatred and it must be horrendous.  I suppose, that is why they commit the atrocities they do?

As angry as terrorism may make the general public, I feel sorry for them.  They, truly, are without love and that must be hell on earth.  They are more to be pitied than anything because when they realize the extent of their actions, it will break them.  That will be a good thing.  

They will be defeated, never fear.


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