There is this exercise within nearly all self-help books where you change your perspective on some limiting situation you have gone through.  I think one of the reasons it seldom works is because when we do this it feels like political spin-doctoring.

Bad feelings about some event in the past would be best served by acceptance.  Not everyone can lie to themselves and believe the false words no matter how much we want them to be the truth.  Spinning has its place.  Like when attempting to explain away bad behaviour etc. . .; all kids do this.  As adults we aught to step up and face the consequences.

Being a bit of a stickler for the truth, I have always found this part of the self-help movement hard to take.  I suppose with a great deal of creativity one can find a way to spin the bad experience and not be lying about it.

When it does not work, it is because the individual does not believe the spin.  If you have a blockage in any particular area, keep searching for a truth that serves you better.  It can be found.


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