Embrace Life

I mentioned in another blog, that as a teenager, I spent a whole year loving life and it was a fantastic 365 days.  Thinking about it now, I realize there were no big events and probably many bad things happened.  Yet, I have either blocked them out or because of focussing only on the good, they did not register with me.  Whatever the reason, I look on that 12 month period as a positive time.

It could be that any and all I went through that year, I decided to accept fully and symbolically hug.  Acceptance overrides resistance and even if something happens that you do not like or agree with, to accept it will allow peace of mind and another chance to change it at a later date.

That is true no matter what the subject.  Politics, terrorism or crime; accepting it does not mean agreeing with it.  Simply say ‘ yes it has happened but I intend to keep positive and embrace it all’.  There are peaceful ways to alter events.  Pouring love into something you want changed is more powerful than violent acts.

Embrace life and all its turbulence.  Good follows love every time.


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