How to achieve lasting change?  Everything changes in life, nothing stays the same.  We all have bad habits that we want to improve on.  ‘Habits’ are what they are though and as we formed them we can take the actions to make better choices that will manifest change without even knowing we are doing it.

The thing to do is focus on the new action and find something that you like/love to do and exchange the bad habit for the  more enjoyable one.

There is no need to get down or beat yourself up if you have a lapse.  Simply, at the next opportunity give the newer, healthier actions a try.  Or find something else that you want to do and give that a try.  It is all a matter of finding what works. Switch it up.

Change does not have to be bad.  There are many good things in life that, at one time, you had never experienced.  Make change fun.  Try different things all the time.  Yes, sticking to what you like is fine.  Finding a multitude of likes/loves is better.  Keep changing.


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