The Familiar

Experts say ‘the brain loves the familiar and will fight against the unfamiliar’.  That is why we find change so difficult.  We are hardwired to cling on to that with which we know best.  No matter whether it be destructive or constructive behaviour.  We continue to partake of actions we may not even like.

Yet, at some point, that familiar behaviour was new.  There must be a way to trick the brain into thinking new thoughts and actions are the norm and therefore make necessary changes relatively easy.  If I had the solution to this, I dare say, I would be a gazillionaire.

Visualization speaks to this as it does play scenarios in the mind whether true or not.  Studies show the brain can not always tell what has really happened or what is imagined.

So, fill your head full of images like success, money or peace of mind.  See these things as the norm for you.  Place yourself in familiar surroundings, engulfed in all you desire.  Then let the mind become familiar with your dreams.  And dream big.


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