Everything comes down to mindset.  The thoughts each individual chooses directly influences whether they like a person, place or thing.  It does not matter if you think them good, bad or indifferent.  It is all contingent upon what and how you think.

Our cognitive ability is what separates us from every other species on the planet.  Yet, most of us neither take the time to sort out our thoughts nor do we believe we can control them.  For instance, the people who claim they do not choose who they love.  They are the same people who marry and divorce multiple times.  So, yes it is a choice.  Just because there is an unconsciousness does not mean we are not totally responsibile.

That is a good thing (not necessarily the many marriages).   Becoming aware of our power is the beginning of enlightenment.  Once that sinks in and we realize we can direct our mind to success and fulfillment there will be no stopping us.  

Set your mind to the good things in life, we all have the power to do that.


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