The day I realized that ‘time is all we have’ is etched in my brain.  I was on a bus and the thought, just, struck me that ‘wasting time was so useless’ as time is all we have.

I attempted to explain my revelation to my best friend (who I was with) and after bombarding her with the merits of using time wisely, I was rewarded with a rolling of the eyes as if to say, ‘shut up’.

Taking it with good humour as I recognized that I did go on a bit (and on and on), I allowed the disrespect to pass.  The point being, I was young (maybe 14 or 15) to be contemplating such deep thoughts.  Even back then I had a fascination with making life better.

There was no Internet so finding others with the same interests was nearly impossible.  My natural shyness did not help me seek out others to bond with either.  Finding self help books, years later, was the closest I came to connecting to like-minded individuals

I will not go on and on now, but use your time wisely.  It is all you have!  


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