Clear The Mind

There is a constant chattering of the mind that goes on when stress levels are high.  It feels like it will never stop.  Many self help books suggest meditation and I believe in its ability to do good.  It never fails, though, when a particularly stressful event occurs meditation or quieting of the mind becomes impossible.

Thoughts, good or bad, stream through the mind in a never ending torrent.  Sometimes, it gets so bad that the time put aside for meditation becomes nothing more than a replaying of the problem over and over again.

The thing to do is let time heal.  It is not very original nor a quick fix yet to hang on until the situation is not so raw and emotions settle down is a satisfying answer.  Breathing in and out and clearing the mind often ends up with an unique solution to the tension.  It can be surprising how a moment of silence can bring about inspiration leading to the perfect outcome.

Trust that to clear the mind will bring untold relief.


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