Holosync Again

I have been delving deeper into listening to these recordings.  Twice a day I strap on the ear buds and allow the sounds (and music in some cases) to wash the bad programming from my brain.

Not knowing whether this actually works, I can say that I am feeling happier than I have in years.  Yet, nothing has changed with my everyday circumstances.  It is an inner joy, the likes of which, have not been experienced for a long time.

While, a teenager, I decided to ‘love life’ for one year and had a fabulous time, embracing and loving everything.  It, truly, was a great year.  Unfortunately, I did not keep it up and I have often looked back, fondly, on the time but never attempted to recreate it.

I am very close to those same feelings without having to do anything.  And the only thing I am doing differently from last year to this, is listening to the Holosync recordings.  If this is the cause, I shall continue doing it. If it is not, I am sure something will let me know that.  Until such a time, you shall find me, with headphones on, filling my brain with good vibes.


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