What? 🤔

Have you ever read or been reading a self-help book and you are totally lost as to what the wrtier’s message is? 

I am reading one right now.  I shall not name any names as the book may be of help to others.  Being nearly half way through it, I do not know what it is trying to convey.  There is a sense of ‘living in the now’ about it.  And, I suppose, the author is writing it in the way that makes sense to them.  To me, it is a muddle.

Being so far into the book the author keeps mentioning that the reader has accomplished something and for the life of me, I do not know what that is?

Usually, there is some wisdom to be gleaned from every book and I will finish this one in hopes of finding such hidden treasure.  Having never experienced this phenomenon before I will continue to seek something meaningful from the work. (And work it is.). 

Putting in the effort will bring insights, even if it is to not read this author again.  I am determined to find the good in it and I will.


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