The Natural

Often forgotten in the daily grind of living hectic lives nature gets overlooked and sometimes dismissed altogether.  Simple things like birds singing in the trees or the fragrance of a flowering bush fill the soul and deserve a great deal more respect than our busy-ness allows.

Stopping to smell the roses gets pushed to the back of the queue on our ‘to-do’ list.

Yes, nature can be fierce and destructiv.  Tornadoes, ice storms, snow, hurricanes, typhoons, tidal waves and earthquakes; there are many ways Mother Nature will get our attention.  Maybe, if we appreciated and honoured the beauty before us, on a regular basis, we would not need reminding how powerful the natural world is and how diminutive we are in comparison?

Man is on the top of the species list for the world because of our ability to communicate.  It is about time we used those skills to point out and remember this planet is in our hands for the safekeeping of future generations.  We owe it to them and ourselves to preserve this beautiful earth.


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