Let It Go

We all have times in our lives when annoyances overtake us.  Emotions run high and thoughts (usually destructive) will not stop.  Resentment, hurt feelings and a constant commentary continually plays throughout our brains over and over again.

‘Could of, should of, would of’ ruminations are never ending.  Yet, to find peace of mind we must stop.  Not so easy when in the middle of an emotional disturbance but we must let it go.

We can allow yourself to feel the craziness for as long as can be taken, then after the initial bombardment of the senses, for our own happiness, and sometimes health, there has to be a recovery to balance.  If the problem is in the past, it cannot be changed, let it go.  If it is a future anxiety, it may never happen, let the chips fall where they may.  Remember you are strong enough to handle anything.

Stand tall, hold your arms out wide and embrace the unknown.  Right now, you are fine, let the rest go.


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