Calm The Mind

‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ is a British expression which has always spoken to me of not overthinking things to the point of panic.  There are times in our lives when we blow things out of proportion and convince ourselves that situations are worse than they actually are.  

This is all to do with that voice in our heads looking to save us from evil.  Some say it is the ego, some believe it to be intuition.  Sorting out whether the voice is good or bad is the crux of the matter.  Both can be useful under the right circumstances.  Staying calm and quieting the mind will help distinguish whether to fight or flee.

The more this is practised during non emergency times, the better one becomes with figuring out what actions need to be taken in more dire situations.  That is where daily meditation helps.  To keep the mind quiet, even for five minutes a day brings great benefits when there is a constant bombardment of thoughts steaming through your head.  

A few deep breaths and a calming of the mind will provide a satisfactory outcome.



We are all on our own paths.  Every one of us.  And each life has a multitude of areas with which we follow a direction.  Health, career, relationships, spirituality; they all require some thought on which way we want to go along on our pathways.

There is no right or wrong as individuals must decide for themselves what makes them most joyful.  Every teacher in the personal development field says much the same thing but in their own unique way.  That is why some resonate more with others.  It is all personal preference.

Having the courage to seek out and forge our own paths can be a frightening experience, although extremely rewarding.  Yet, we all learn from those that have gone before us.  Finding our paths in life can be exhilarating.  Sharing them with others is good too so long as we realize that the ‘others’ have their own agendas as well and allow them the freedom to pursue whatever makes them happy.

This is what life is all about.  Finding what makes one happy and following that path to its end.  Whether that is the end of life or the beginning of something better.


Inspiration is one of those things that can not be explained nor can it be called forth on-demand.  Therefore, not many self-help books tackle this subject as it can be irrational.  Control seems to be a big part of the personal development movement and yet things like inspiration and intuition are aspects of life that cannot be harvested.

That, of course, is what makes them so exciting.  When an idea hits and there are good feelings about it, acting quickly is always rewarded.  Where, in the ether, these ideas come from does not matter nor is it easy to trust those insights.  Sometimes, the things popping into one’s head are so outrageous, taking a chance is shot down by self-doubt and a need to feel safe.

Admittedly, not every inspiration is a winner.  I would venture to say that the ones that will not go away must be acted on.  Let the chips fall where they may.

Tuning in to that inner voice (not the nagging, negative one) is a special gift.  Great things come when you, boldly, take part in audacious endeavours.  Have the courage to act on your inspirations.

These Poor Terrorists

‘Hurt people, hurt people’.  That sums up these pathetic terrorists who have decided to wreck havoc on peace-loving, democratic people.  How they must despise themselves in order to want to destroy their fellow man.  They, obviously, have never known true love; not even for their own children or families.  Otherwise, they would never project such negativity on future generations by committing such heinous crimes.

No one can spin the fact that murder is wrong.  To have to live with being a senseless killer means they are filled with hatred and it must be horrendous.  I suppose, that is why they commit the atrocities they do?

As angry as terrorism may make the general public, I feel sorry for them.  They, truly, are without love and that must be hell on earth.  They are more to be pitied than anything because when they realize the extent of their actions, it will break them.  That will be a good thing.  

They will be defeated, never fear.

Spread The Joy

No one can make you happy.  Nor is it up to you to make someone else gleeful.  Couples, often, confuse making their other halves laugh with being the cause of their happiness.

Deep-seated contentment can only come from within.  Finding that enchantment needs to be a personal, singular endeavour.  Each one of us must look inside for real fulfillment.  And as a couple, by all means, take the partner along, but do not burden yourself with a sense of responsibility for another’s bliss.

Rejoice in your exalted jubilation, it can be extremely infectious.  Spread the good cheer on, knowing you are ‘sharing’ not causing others to join in the fun.  Everyone will benefit.


The wealth self-help books that I have read always emphasize that true wealth is not in the material things of this world.  Some have even claimed that making money is the easy part of wealth and that appreciating what you have and being happy are far more important. 

Then there are the books that state if you do ‘so and so’ you will be able to double your income.  When your income is nothing having twice as much nothing, just, does not cut it.

I think there is some secret to being wealthy.  And while I continue to search for that mindset, I will carry on doing the things that bring me joy.  We shall see if that amounts to a monetary increase?

Regardless, at least, I shall enjoy my life in the mean time and really, that does matter more than money.


There is this exercise within nearly all self-help books where you change your perspective on some limiting situation you have gone through.  I think one of the reasons it seldom works is because when we do this it feels like political spin-doctoring.

Bad feelings about some event in the past would be best served by acceptance.  Not everyone can lie to themselves and believe the false words no matter how much we want them to be the truth.  Spinning has its place.  Like when attempting to explain away bad behaviour etc. . .; all kids do this.  As adults we aught to step up and face the consequences.

Being a bit of a stickler for the truth, I have always found this part of the self-help movement hard to take.  I suppose with a great deal of creativity one can find a way to spin the bad experience and not be lying about it.

When it does not work, it is because the individual does not believe the spin.  If you have a blockage in any particular area, keep searching for a truth that serves you better.  It can be found.