Artistic Endeavours

Having the soul of an artist, if not the talent (although that is subjective) I can see art everywhere.  Paintings and drawings are all well and good (this is where I lack the talent) but there is artful beauty in a sunset, a forest, waterfall and a myriad of nature scenes.  People who can capture that elegance on paper are truly amazing and should reap the rewards for their hard work.

Yet, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all should applaud those who toil to bring to life whatever it is that they love.  It could be fixing a car, looking after kids and/or the elderly or even writing compositions that no one else may ever see.  It can all be classified as art.  Using our imaginations is simply seeing things before they come to be.  There is artistry in the work that goes into making your visions a reality.

There is an art form to personal development too.  Anything we create is art.  That can be a physical piece or a lifestyle.  Life is art.  Art is life.  Whatever you love to do, see it as a work of art and sculpt, paint, write, fix, tinker with it until it conforms to your vision.  And do not forget to enjoy the process.

Art contributes to the beauty, heart and soul of all of us.  Let’s share that.


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