Opportunity And The Power To Say ‘Yes’

Opportunities are everywhere.  One never knows where or when they will emerge.  Casually mention that you like art and all of a sudden invitations abound for major and minor art shows in your area.  Claim to have an interest in (pick a subject) and unseen forces plant people (involved in that subject) in your path.

Sometimes, the hard part is taking advantage of those occasions.  My failing has always been refusing to grasp that opportunity by the tail and soaring wherever it may take me.

Learning to say ‘yes’ to these chances outside the comfort zone has been something of a struggle.  Yet, I know on an intellectual level that it is the best thing.  The possibilities stagger the mind at how big results come from such little things.  Experiencing the new is the catalyst to growth.  Without it we would all be stuck in mediocrity.

Step up, step out, say ‘yes’ to one new opportunity, your enriched heart and soul will thank you for it.  (If you are lucky, so will your bank account.) 😀


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