Life’s Purpose

A wonderful idea on making money while living your purpose came from Riley Dayne.  He has an interesting movie you should watch called ‘The Abundance Factor’.  And he has a channel on YouTube with a feature called Mail Monday where he answers questions.  Yesterday it was about making money from your passion.

Now, of course, he said what everyone says, ‘do the thing you love’, ‘do the thing you would do, if money were no object’.  He added something which I have never heard before, he said ‘once you know what it is you love, figure out how to use it to help other people.’

This is huge.  So, if you love to write, write things that will help people (whether fiction or non-fiction).  If you love art, figure out how your art will help people.  Hang it in a hospital.  If you love gardening, there are multiple ways that can help.    The aesthetics alone bring joy to people.  The concept works with whatever you choose.  Combine loves if you cannot decide on only one aspect of your being.  The possibilities are endless.

People are where money comes from, help them and the money will follow.  It’s worth a try.


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