The world is plentiful!

This statement may be controversial especially for people like me who have nothing.  (I could list all I do not have but the blog would be never ending).  Yet, I do believe that whatever I need and desire is available.

Being free to make our own choices is a privilege and for those of us lucky enough to live in such societies, we should treat that prerogative with the respect it deserves.

Yet, some people in power would have us all believing in the fear of scarcity.

As human being, we have always found a way to survive these ‘so-called’ shortages.  Not only is the world plentiful but our problem-solving abilities and ingenuity are without limit.

So, do not let anyone tell you something cannot be done or there is a problem with wanting something they deem unattainable.  As part of the human race, we can do it!  We are infinitely resourceful.


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