Write It Down

Writing down what you want is half the battle.  Most self help book suggest you write out your goals etc, and that is good but I say, write everything down.  Your hopes, dreams, desires, goals and even shopping list.  No one else has to view what has been written and the more vivid the detail, the better.

Personally, pen and paper is what works for me creatively.  The computer keyboard stifles the flow.  But if that works for you, do it.  There is nothing so exhilarating as allowing the mind the freedom to explore the possibilities of a better future. Or to, just, think and organize those thoughts into the notion of what is obtainable.

Everyone has a secret desire that they keep to themselves.  Write it down.  Seeing it in black and white may prompt one to take action on it.  Do not write ‘I want (whatever)’ instead label yourself as ‘the (whatever)’ or  ‘I will (whatever)’.  You owe it to yourself to dream and dream big.  This life is all you have.  No matter what you desire, you can have it.  It may be small doses at first, it may lead to something else of interest.  Keep moving forward.  Step one – write it down.


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