Joy is one of those things that money can not buy.  That is a profound truth.  Now, I know there are people thinking, ‘just give lots of money and see how joyful I can be’.  I know this because I am one of those people.  Yet I do understand after the initial euphoria of being financially free, the amount of money one possesses will not sustain real joy.

In life we all must find our own happiness.  That can manifest in a variety of ways and to each his own.  Yet people who are not joyful from the onset will never attain contentment from the mere influx of cash.  Wanting more is very often a trait of the uninspired yet that very trait keeps us moving forward.

Doing what we enjoy doing on a daily basis, even for only a few minutes per day, will feed the soul and therefore make you more blissful.  And for those who claim they do not have the time for pleasurable endeavours please remember ‘you make time to go to the toilet when you have diarrhea’.  Surely, you can make time to do something a bit more fun.  Enjoy life.


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