The referendum is Britain, later this week, has got me thinking about freedom.  Has Liberty become so lax that people (especially the young) seem to be more than willing to give it up on the word of politicians (that they probably did not vote for in the first place)? 

I can understand a bit of this apathetic behaviour as when younger, I never took part in any elections.  Mainly, because of the belief that all politicians are tarred with the same brush and would not speak the truth at any price.  (Still do).  I have siblings who have never voted to this day and I am the youngest of seven (not a typo).

Living in a free society is something to cherish as many have died fighting for our right to vote and forge out our own futures.   There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must make a decision and stand by it.  No politician will ever do that.  

I say, when you have the chance to right a wrong and make a better future for your children and grandchildren, vote while you still can.  Here ended the lesson.

Normally, I am not big on politics and Britian is not even my country.  I, just, hate to see waste.  Most self help books talk about personal responsibility and there is no greater burden or opportunity than to weigh the facts after which one must take the next step and vote.  An important election is coming up in the States as well, same thing applies.


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