All self-help books emphasize the importance of humour to ward off depression, being in a downward spiral and overall negative feelings.  I have been blessed (sometimes it feels like a curse) with an abundance of humour.

I can find something funny in nearly every situation and there are life events that call for a serious take (that is what I mean by a curse).  Even at my Dad’s funeral, it was probably in bad taste, but I could not help myself from making all who loved him laugh.  He would have laughed too.

I am not going into the ‘ins and outs’ of what makes people crack a smile as that is too wide a variety and would take too long, instead I shall tell you how my morning began.  First off, some background, when my Mom first got dentures I was a bit freaked out to see them out of her mouth.  Just me.  Right after, she got them, one night she was playing with them and I hear a plonk, look over and there on the living room floor are her teeth, smiling up at me.  I was not happy.

My Mom has dementia now and has not worn dentures in years (which is another freaky thing for me) and what do I find first thing this morning on the carpet?  Her teeth.  Good thing I can see the humour.

Laugh if you will, we all have pet peeves.  I have hidden the dentures.  Please God, do not let her find them. 🙏 😀


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