Thoughtful Friday

I never know beforehand what I am going to write in these blogs and today feels like a day to reflect on the awful events of the last week.  There were too many innocent lives senselessly killed.  The Orlando mess and an MP in the UK and that was just what made the international news.

It makes one ponder whether the world is going to hell in a hand basket or if maybe we should stop watching the news altogether.  Neither is a solution.  I wish I had the magic pill that would force people to stop hurting our fellow beings.

So, how do you get something good out of such horrible circumstances?  My answer is to be as kind and loving to others as I can.  Pour all the goodness and light into every other human being I meet and hope they do the same.  Fighting evil with evil never works.  Some may take advantage of the goodness.  Individual responsibility is called for.  

Do good, be good, we each have to live with ourselves.  I can hold my head up and take pride in helping rather than hindering.  Pass it on.


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