For Kim

There have been a plague of teen suicides lately, in a place not too far from me.  These are young people who have opted to end their formative years instead of facing an unsure future.  I have an odd take on suicide and not for the likes of the general public, I suspect;  I think it is selfish and stupid.

I remember in high school when we were taking on, the inevitable, Romeo and Juliet.  Fellow students (mostly the girls) would espouse how romantic it was for R & J to take their own lives in the name of love.  I always said,’they were idiots’.  Not that I would not give up my life for a loved one but to kill yourself because someone you love is dead.  Or any other reason.  No!  I am sorry, life is for the living and until my last breath, I will do the things I enjoy.

Understanding and being empathic with those in such a desperate state as to even contemplate suicide as an option, I have read enough self help books to know that as bleak as any situation may appear at the moment, something better is always around the corner.  If one ends things, they will never experience all manner of goodness the world has to offer.

Life has such possibilities.  The unknown future can be the best.  Have faith in the human spirit.  We are more resilient than one would think.


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