Man’s Goodness

After the weekend’s senseless murders it got me questioning why would anyone do such a thing?  We all know murder is wrong.  No matter how you look at it, taking another life (whether you agree with them or not) is evil.

It has led me to believe that the man committing such heinous crimes obviously does not (or did not) know love.

Love and peace go together like . . ., for want of a better example, fish and chips (must be hungry).  Humankind has come such a long way over the millennia.  It is time to take note of the good man has done.

Men and women save lives every day in hospitals.  The kindness of Nursing Home workers, help our elderly.  Day Care people look after our young and we have Pet Care people to tend our treasured animals.

I say give, anyone in your lives who helps, the credit they deserve.  They are the real measure of what we, as a species, are capable of.


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