Living In The Present

I may have stated once before that for most of my adult life I have lived in anticipation of the future.  Everything I have done, everywhere I have gone, it was always in my mind to get to the next thing on the list.  The future.

It has come to my notice that being in a rush robs one of the here and now.  Living in the present used to be so easy.  You, just, took things as they came.  It was what we all did as kids. There was no anxiety.  The moment was lived in to the fullest.

So why as adults do we plot and plan our lives away?  I reckon, it is because we do not have the good sense to appreciate the things we have.  The latest gadgets are all well and good but the truth is what matters most is the people (or animals) in our lives.  The simple acts of eating, sleeping and just being with them are far more precious.

Rushing to the future, ultimately when you think about it, leads to inevitable death.  Enjoy what is going on now.  Good or bad, it beats the alternative.  Live in the present, the future will take care of itself.


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