Waves; A Metaphor For Life

While watching (and doing) a Qi Gong exercise video by Lee Holden on YouTube, I realized that the waves in the background are a metaphor for life.  There is constant movement.  The direction; a never-ending forward motion.  One wave comes in and another repeats the process.  In life, one experience (good or bad) is always followed by another.

At certain times, the waves can be big, strong and scary.  Same goes for life’s problems.  Then, occasionally, all you want to do is jump and play in those waves.  And, of course, one loves to enjoy life to it’s fullest.  Waves can be used to get you to where you want to go just like life’s challenges.

Similarly, when a storm is brewing, whether on a body of water or in life, you can hide from it or grab a surfboard and ride the waves.  Life can be fearsome at times but there is, also, fun to be had.  Equip yourself with life’s surfboard -a steady mind- and hang ten.  (I’m no surfer but I think that expression is a good thing. LOL)


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