The Observer

In the last couple of months I have been reading books which advocate whenever your mind turns on you with negativity, complaints or judgements you should allow them and step back to observe.  I find this virtually impossible.  To be in the middle of a rant over whatever and realize what I am doing will stop it.  I cannot continue if I am being watched.  Even if the watcher is myself.

Understanding the reasoning behind this idea does not make it doable.  I, even, agree that observing bad behaviour can be beneficial.  To be in the heat of the moment and separate from it at the same time, seems to me you would need a split personality or something.

Maybe it is beyond my capability or I, just, have not figured out how to go about it?  Mind you, the interruption of bad behaviour is helpful.  As we all know pattern interrupts will change one’s state.  And that will lead to a conscious awareness which can be controlled.  

You can be who or whatever you choose.  If observing yourself or others helps you get there, do it.


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