Artistic Endeavours

Having the soul of an artist, if not the talent (although that is subjective) I can see art everywhere.  Paintings and drawings are all well and good (this is where I lack the talent) but there is artful beauty in a sunset, a forest, waterfall and a myriad of nature scenes.  People who can capture that elegance on paper are truly amazing and should reap the rewards for their hard work.

Yet, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all should applaud those who toil to bring to life whatever it is that they love.  It could be fixing a car, looking after kids and/or the elderly or even writing compositions that no one else may ever see.  It can all be classified as art.  Using our imaginations is simply seeing things before they come to be.  There is artistry in the work that goes into making your visions a reality.

There is an art form to personal development too.  Anything we create is art.  That can be a physical piece or a lifestyle.  Life is art.  Art is life.  Whatever you love to do, see it as a work of art and sculpt, paint, write, fix, tinker with it until it conforms to your vision.  And do not forget to enjoy the process.

Art contributes to the beauty, heart and soul of all of us.  Let’s share that.


Opportunity And The Power To Say ‘Yes’

Opportunities are everywhere.  One never knows where or when they will emerge.  Casually mention that you like art and all of a sudden invitations abound for major and minor art shows in your area.  Claim to have an interest in (pick a subject) and unseen forces plant people (involved in that subject) in your path.

Sometimes, the hard part is taking advantage of those occasions.  My failing has always been refusing to grasp that opportunity by the tail and soaring wherever it may take me.

Learning to say ‘yes’ to these chances outside the comfort zone has been something of a struggle.  Yet, I know on an intellectual level that it is the best thing.  The possibilities stagger the mind at how big results come from such little things.  Experiencing the new is the catalyst to growth.  Without it we would all be stuck in mediocrity.

Step up, step out, say ‘yes’ to one new opportunity, your enriched heart and soul will thank you for it.  (If you are lucky, so will your bank account.) 😀

Life’s Purpose

A wonderful idea on making money while living your purpose came from Riley Dayne.  He has an interesting movie you should watch called ‘The Abundance Factor’.  And he has a channel on YouTube with a feature called Mail Monday where he answers questions.  Yesterday it was about making money from your passion.

Now, of course, he said what everyone says, ‘do the thing you love’, ‘do the thing you would do, if money were no object’.  He added something which I have never heard before, he said ‘once you know what it is you love, figure out how to use it to help other people.’

This is huge.  So, if you love to write, write things that will help people (whether fiction or non-fiction).  If you love art, figure out how your art will help people.  Hang it in a hospital.  If you love gardening, there are multiple ways that can help.    The aesthetics alone bring joy to people.  The concept works with whatever you choose.  Combine loves if you cannot decide on only one aspect of your being.  The possibilities are endless.

People are where money comes from, help them and the money will follow.  It’s worth a try.

It’s All Good

I am one of those people who believe that everything works out for the best.  Mind you, when in the middle of a crappy time, I forget that and in years to come I will see how it led to something better.  It always seems to happen that way though.

So, if it is a particularly trying time for anyone, remember ‘good will come of it.’  Even if you cannot see it yet.  It is the cycle of life.  One day you are up and the next day, down yet know that the following direction will be up again.  Sometimes, when you think you are down, you are really up and other times being up gets one thinking ‘I’m going down’ but you then reach heights you never imagined.

Nothing stays the same and that is as it should be.  Keep focused on the desired outcome, the end result will be a life lived to the fullest.


The world is plentiful!

This statement may be controversial especially for people like me who have nothing.  (I could list all I do not have but the blog would be never ending).  Yet, I do believe that whatever I need and desire is available.

Being free to make our own choices is a privilege and for those of us lucky enough to live in such societies, we should treat that prerogative with the respect it deserves.

Yet, some people in power would have us all believing in the fear of scarcity.

As human being, we have always found a way to survive these ‘so-called’ shortages.  Not only is the world plentiful but our problem-solving abilities and ingenuity are without limit.

So, do not let anyone tell you something cannot be done or there is a problem with wanting something they deem unattainable.  As part of the human race, we can do it!  We are infinitely resourceful.

Write It Down

Writing down what you want is half the battle.  Most self help book suggest you write out your goals etc, and that is good but I say, write everything down.  Your hopes, dreams, desires, goals and even shopping list.  No one else has to view what has been written and the more vivid the detail, the better.

Personally, pen and paper is what works for me creatively.  The computer keyboard stifles the flow.  But if that works for you, do it.  There is nothing so exhilarating as allowing the mind the freedom to explore the possibilities of a better future. Or to, just, think and organize those thoughts into the notion of what is obtainable.

Everyone has a secret desire that they keep to themselves.  Write it down.  Seeing it in black and white may prompt one to take action on it.  Do not write ‘I want (whatever)’ instead label yourself as ‘the (whatever)’ or  ‘I will (whatever)’.  You owe it to yourself to dream and dream big.  This life is all you have.  No matter what you desire, you can have it.  It may be small doses at first, it may lead to something else of interest.  Keep moving forward.  Step one – write it down.


Joy is one of those things that money can not buy.  That is a profound truth.  Now, I know there are people thinking, ‘just give lots of money and see how joyful I can be’.  I know this because I am one of those people.  Yet I do understand after the initial euphoria of being financially free, the amount of money one possesses will not sustain real joy.

In life we all must find our own happiness.  That can manifest in a variety of ways and to each his own.  Yet people who are not joyful from the onset will never attain contentment from the mere influx of cash.  Wanting more is very often a trait of the uninspired yet that very trait keeps us moving forward.

Doing what we enjoy doing on a daily basis, even for only a few minutes per day, will feed the soul and therefore make you more blissful.  And for those who claim they do not have the time for pleasurable endeavours please remember ‘you make time to go to the toilet when you have diarrhea’.  Surely, you can make time to do something a bit more fun.  Enjoy life.