Binaural Beats

I had to look up what ‘binaural’ meant and the dictionary says, ‘recorded sound using two microphones and transmits separately to the two ears.’  So I suppose the theory is that the multiple sounds going into both ears activates different parts of the brain to simulate the areas one wants to work on.

Does it work?  I am listening to a recording now and I cannot say I feel any different.  If someone gets something out of this blog than it is certainly worth it.  I do find binaural beats to be nothing but a buzzing in the ears with nature sound in the background.  

There are plenty of YouTube channels offering these methods to relax, motivate, stimulate and enhance a number of aspects of one’s life.  Not my cup of tea but to each his/her own.  I admit to not giving it a fair trail.  Try it for yourselves and if it helps, carry on doing it.


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