After reading Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ I came to understand the usefulness of creating empowering habits.  They (the experts) say it takes a month to create a new habit.  Sometimes, I think, it takes much longer.  It is too easy to forget or lose a habit simply by not following through one time and all the work comes to naught as it does not get picked up again.

When a new, positive habit is formed and it sticks, it is most rewarding.  The trick to keeping a habit and even helping with the forming of said habit is, like all things, the person’s desire and attitude to see it through.  Good habits, bad habits, they all can be mastered so long as the one dealing with these changes wants to create something better.

The book was not so helpful regarding the specifics that highly effective people perform as I possessed most of those habits and am anything but ‘highly effective’.  Unless I misunderstand what that means?  Good habits and routines do help get much done throughout the day, months and even years.  So definitely worth a go.  Read the book, get behind the habits that appeal to you and your life may improve leaps and bounds.


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