No Mind

No mind is something both Eckhart Tolle and Andy Shaw (among others) teach.  It is the method whereby you clear your mind.  Thinking no thoughts whatsoever.  It seems like an impossibility as the brain seldom ceases to form pictures, rerun life experiences and it constantly churns.  It is a bit like asking a shark to stop swimming.  They have to keep moving in order to breathe.

Our minds do not even stop while asleep.  Dreams being the proof of that.  So is it possible to shut it down without being dead?  There are times while staring  into space where one would think a ‘no mind’ trance is being  conducted.  Yet that is the paralyzing time when all kinds of thoughts stream into consciousness.

I believe ‘no mind’ to be available to all.  It is a practice that can be built up slowly but it can be done.  Making the effort is up to the individual.  The outcome may be clearer thoughts, faster recovery time, and more creativity.  I intend to reap these benefits.


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