I’m Thinking

Many self help advocates swear by the book Think And Grow Rich.  I know Bob Proctor does.  He proudly admits to having read the book for decades on a continuous basis.  At first I thought it a strange practise until I found Andy Shaw’s A Bug Free Mind.  I am on the second reading of this book and plan to keep perusing it until the wisdom not only sinks in but I begin to live by it.

Think And Grow Rich is an inspiring book yet once again by the end of it, I was less motivated to take the actions needed in order for the ‘Rich’ part to kick in.  I admire Bob Proctor, being a fellow Canadian, and take heed of his wisdom and knowledge.  Napoleon Hill’s book never spoke to me the way it did for Mr. Proctor but that is the beauty of self help.  One keeps searching until they hit upon the method or book that works for them and then the brain expands.

So, if anyone is eager to improve themselves by following in the footsteps of others only to find it does not work for them, take heart.  Do not be discouraged.  Try another method until you find something or someone that you connect with.  Then grow from there.


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