First Steps Into Self Help

The first time I ventured into the self help field was with the book Unlimited Power.  I probably watched Tony Robbins’ infomercial and saw there was a book, so I got it.

It blew my mind.  Having a great interest in the mind and how it works, I never knew there were such books to help understand the workings of the brain without being hardcore text books.  So I was enthralled and excited to learn all of Mr. Robbins techniques.  As I got to the end of the book and it came time to ‘take action’ my enthusiasm waned considerably.

Since that first reading I have found over and over again this same pattern in myself.  That was the reason I turned to other methods to help achieve my desires.  I still read books and am finding them more helpful, as I have slowed down and concentrated on the now.

The present is where one has to begin.  Taking mere seconds of not thinking has been a powerful daily ritual.  In fact, I find quieting the mind opens it up to all sorts of possibilities.  Try to not think of anything for five seconds.  If you can do it, go for as long as you can.  Keep at it and it will bring peace to your life.


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