In the last couple of months, I found the book ‘The Power Of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle.  Because Oprah was a follower of his, I avoided his writings.  I have this thing about being told what to read, especially by Oprah.  I am not a fan nor a disciple of hers.  Luckily, someone I do admire recommended the book and I read it.

It is the first self-help book that I used the techniques it offered in everyday life.  The others had some good ideas but once I finished reading those books, I totally forgot what I had learned.  Being in the ‘Now’ is something I strive for even though it has been months since I read the book.  And when I experienced a particular traumatic situation, I found I could handle  it much better than I had done in the past.

It is a bit heady stuff but if you remain present and stay in the ‘Now’ you realize that is all there is.  It is a good thing.


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