Passion: Friend Or Foe?

When reading any self-help book they nearly always espouse ‘believing’ in what you want and being passionate about it.  There must be more people like me who do not get overly excited by the things we love to do.

Yes, I love to read.  Yes, I love to write.  Yes, I love to do my art work.  Yes, I love to travel.  Yes, I love helping others. If my ability to do all of those things suddenly disappeared I would be extremely saddened.  I dare say, I would find something else to make me happy though.

The human spirit can adapt to different settings, moods and a multitude of interests.  Knowing one is adaptable can make finding and sticking to a ‘life’s purpose’ a difficult thing.  I suppose the trick is to figure out a way to make a living at something you like and are the best at.



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