Working It Out

Having read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a number of times, as well as Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins (also a number of times) I still find there is a lack of success in my life that appears attainable after starting the books.  After reading these, and other, self help books I find the first few chapters to be extremely positive and am ready to begin a new way of life.

By the time the end of the book approaches the fire has not only died down, it is all but pissed on and without a flame.  So why is it, that these books which hold so much promise at the beginning wither and die by the end?  Yet, some people are being helped by the writings and even achieve all they set out to do.  Am I an idiot?

As near as I can come to an answer is that my mind is too full of crap to grasp the concept of success.  And therein lies the problem.  Success aught to be a reality, not just a concept.  So finding the right material to clear my mind has been the next goal.

More next time.


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