New Beginnings

There are crazy statistics about the self development industry not helping 98% of the people who reach out and buy the products hoping for a different life.  I have to admit to being part of that rate of failure.  Yet, every time I have shelled out money there has been some seed of an idea that was useful.  The problem is, of course, it never lasts or gets forgotten.

My quest is to find lasting change and make a success of whatever I choose to do in life. The journey will hopefully encourage others to get the best out of themselves also.  Right now, I have found two extremely helpful books and methods that are giving results.  Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ and Andy Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’.  I have read both books and continue to read them on an ongoing basis.

Already I see changes that would have come in handy a decade, or two, ago.  Just writing this blog is a giant step forward that has propelled me towards a future of openness, love and, something I have in abundance anyway, honesty.

More on the books next time.





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