The definition of intuition is three-fold: 1- immediate apprehension by the mind without reason. 2- immediate apprehension by a sense. 3- immediate insight.

This is a trait all humans possess and very few trust or heed. Most of us, have been raised to spend time (and occasionally money) on gathering information in order to make knowledgeable decisions. There is nothing wrong with this approach. Yet, the first conclusion we come to, very often, is the one that turns out to be the most accurate.

To give credence to our gut instinct takes a good deal of faith. This is where most fail. Simply because there is no hard evidence to verify the end result. We feel compelled to justify our decisions by a mountain of documentation. As if that will somehow render our initial feeling to be correct.

It does not matter how or why one receives these intuitive notions, the point is to give it, its due. Like everything in life, the more a muscle is used, the stronger it becomes and just because something is not fully understood, does not mean it should be totally disregarded.

It can be extremely hard to follow an intuition, as ‘trusting in the invisible’ takes time and many mistakes. To garner that confidence and believe in the, almost clairvoyant perception, leaves many in an unreceptive state. This sixth sense can and should be developed within each of us. Only good will come from applying these unseen forces and allowing the unconscious mind to guide us to a solution.

For all the studies and knowledge we now have about the brain and how it works, there is still a great mystery regarding the mind. It is the most powerful tool on this earth. The fact, that many have allowed it to remain mostly untapped, is a shame. Combined with our senses, there is no stopping the potential that is locked in all of us. Yet, settling for a mediocre existence is easier than delving into what is possible.

Be bold enough to explore every facet of your life. Intuitively, you know this is right. Allow your instincts to guide you to your passions and follow the path you were meant to take.


A Helping Hand

Experts say, ‘the best way to get out of a funk is to help someone else.’ It matters not whether the other person in need, is less fortunate than you, as we all suffer. (Yes, even the billionaires of the world, can use a helping hand, now and then).

Giving aid for the right reasons is a must. It is good Karma to share the benefits of your wisdom with someone who is going through tough times. So long as the purpose of the assistance is to encourage and support and not to score points.

Focusing on bringing solace or lightening another’s load is reward in itself. There is joy, for the asking, in helping a fellow human! Give it a try. You will never regret it.

Being Authentic

In a world full of unreliability, it is extremely easy to hide behind excuses and lame justifications. Society has a habit of encouraging everyone to settle for less. Making it more acceptable to follow the crowd rather than to stand up for what is right as an individual.

Original thoughts and actions are frowned upon. Conforming to the ways of the masses seems to be the only suitable solution. After all, there is strength in numbers and if ten people agree on any subject with one lone hold-out, then the majority must be right and the other wrong.

That kind of thinking never takes into consideration the situations, characteristics and/or mindsets of the distinct inhabitants of the world. Nor, it seems, are we allowed to hold our heads high when reserving the right to not buy into common ideas. This causes most people a good deal of strain in their attempt to be authentic.

Political correctness has run amok and refutes freedom of expression. As long as you agree with the majority then you shall not be shamed. It is a high price to pay to remain genuine and even harder to find people who will stand up and be counted as a creative thinker.

These brave souls who will, unapologetically, be who they are, are the trail blazers of our time. I salute each and every one of you who are open and honest enough to be yourselves in the face of an exceedingly judgement general public. Most people will strive to ‘shame and blame’ until you adhere to their way of thinking. It is bullying at its ugliest.

Be who and what you are and take pride in the fact you are different from everyone else. That is what will set us all free. Throughout history, people have fought for their right to individuality. Never give it up.


It takes a great deal of bravery to face certain life events. These challenges can come in many forms and will test the courage of any individual to their very limits. As arduous as that may turn out to be, it can still be looked at from a positive point of view.

While some of the difficulties that are thrown in our paths may appear life-threateningly dire, that does not mean we should suffer alone. And by that, I do not mean ‘share the misery’. Everyone knows a problem shared lessens the burden. Sometimes, being open and honest in the face of unfavourable circumstances will generate, such healthy vibes both within and throughout, that healing on all levels occurs effortlessly.

In this Internet age, it is not just the rich and famous who can document their struggles in order to inspire. Anyone can do it. Giving strength to the masses when one is most vulnerable is an irony of life. Such unexpected blessings ought to be taken seriously and given their due.

It takes a special kind of person to want to help another when they are in need, themselves. Not everyone can or will be so generous. Yet, no one should judge anyone who chooses to concentrate on themselves as sometimes, this is the best one can do, for all concerned.

Being fearlessly bold when confronting harsh realities will definitely win admiration for those with spunk. Just knowing that another human being is counting on you to be a tower of strength can help pull you through some tough decisions. Being stubborn comes in handy at times such as these. If one is determined to give it their all and never give up, obstinacy is an asset.

No one really understands the nerve it takes to defy expert opinions and fight for a better future. It may not seem like it, but adversity can be a gift. One should take solace in that fact that they have reached an inner fortitude they may never have known existed. Fight on.

A Different Perspective

We all see things from our own point of view, most times the belief is that ‘we’ have the correct frame of mind and others (who see things differently) are in the wrong. It is human nature to think in this way. Yet, to be a totally rounded person, looking at any situation from multiple angles is always advantageous.

Being open to the many alternate concepts may take a bit of getting used to, but once the realization of these benefits sets in, they will bring a host of possibilities. Choice is never bad and at times seeing things in a new light will release a generous flow of creativity.

The simple act of allowing your mind to ponder a variety of theories will begin the process of new and unusual neutrons firing up. This will help in the development of how the brain accepts novel ideas and will strengthen the muscles one uses to make wise selections.

Because we are creatures of habit, it is often forgotten that options are available when it comes to the circumstances we find ourselves in. Yet, there are a myriad of substitutes for use. All it takes is a bit of careful thought and the wherewithal to see chances instead of set patterns. To open up the mind, one must be willing to expose the heart.

Feelings and emotions will aid in the progress one makes along life’s undulating path. The highs and lows are what make for an interesting existence. And while no one can force another to welcome diversity, it may well save them from a life of boredom and complacency, we must never fall into the routine of a closed mind.

Even with the assortment of choices available, one may go back to their original idea. Despite the seemingly, lack of growth, the sheer fact that variations have been searched and rejected, sampling other recourses makes for an enriched life. We should, all, want the knowledge and wisdom that comes with different perspectives.


There are times in life when standing up for the truth will present itself. Usually, these experiences are fraught with stress and turmoil. Why is it that doing the right thing, is never easy? All our lives, we are told to be honest and ethical. Yet most have been let down, at one time or another, while adhering to this adage. It is too easy to believe in the lies someone else is espousing, simply because they are more glib and charming with their falsehoods.

The good news is, truthfulness will always win out. It can, of course, take years or even decades for some authentic facts to be proven but make no mistake about it, the deceptions presented will be revealed. It takes a brave soul to stand up for their, seemingly unpopular, convictions. Generally, the masses ignore the difference between virtue and vice in order to follow the crowd. Despite what their gut is telling them.

Conforming, for the sake of fitting in, is a huge blunder. It will take its toll on the body, mind and spirit of an individual. Defending a cause, can be rough as it feels like the rest of humanity is against one. We must hold on to our principles regarding honour and integrity, as these beliefs help form one’s character. Never allow outside pressures to influence that which you have a deep sense of moral correctness for.

Sticking up for the less powerful and being in the midst of a disturbance may render one oblivious as to the heroic deeds they are undertaking. That does not decrease the value such displays provide. The audacity it takes to stand in the line of fire, in order to help the downtrodden, is much appreciated for the sacrifices this behaviour entails.

The courage it takes to defy those in positions of authority when they are wrong, is enormous. To step forward and play fair, pays tribute to the inner fortitude of a strong will. Not everyone has such leanings. Those that do, should be honoured for their valour. Rejoice in the bold daring of a life of decency and ethical rectitude.

On behalf of all, I would like to thank those that champion the underdog!

We all experience times of tension where our hearts and minds cannot focus because of the anxiety that we have allowed to build up. The fact that is it our own doing, does not make the situation any easier to live with. There are not many of us who are self-aware enough to recognize the signs and will be able to straighten ourselves out before the problem is blown all out of proportion. The anguish can be forged in such a subtle way that it is thought to be under control. Then one day . . . BAM! It hits one like a ton of bricks and normal functioning becomes impossible to cope with.

The good news is, de-stressing is absolutely attainable. And reversing the self-inflicted damage can be accomplished with a few relatively uncomplicated solutions: Deep breathing is always helpful. If you have ever watched any sporting event, you will see athlete’s doing this while awaiting the games to begin. They know the value of oxygenation throughout the bloodstream.

Physical activities can reduce the dread one has become lost in. Simply going for a leisurely walk helps to clear the mind of clutter and allows for the time to allocate an orderly design of priorities. This alone will bring peace to the otherwise ‘monkey mind’ that has taken over.

Meditation and calming the mind, is extremely beneficial. This is not an easy road for everyone but giving it a try is well worth the effort. Remaining quiet by clearing the mind will allow for serenity to descend upon the body, mind and spirit. A great weight can be lifted naturally leaving one with less nervous exhaustion from prolonged overthinking.

Listening to music, engaging in art projects or participating in whatever enjoyable endeavour takes your fancy, are never a waste of time. The things we have an affinity for are the very stuff that makes each life an individual adventure. It is up to us to follow those distinctive paths to find the tranquility within.

Do whatever it takes to remove yourself from the worries of life and relaxation will surely follow.