Going Too Far

The ability to self-govern has become a lost art.  Too many times we get caught up in circumstances beyond our supervision.  Steps are taken to get the ball rolling and all of a sudden a huge snowball is thundering through what should be a normal life.  Only, nothing is ordinary and the ability to rein-in becomes impossible.

Maybe it is a lack of control?  Not sure, as I am the polar opposite of a control-freak and will totally let things play through, allowing the chips to fall where they may.  Does this mean the only good in life is that which can be manipulated?  I do not believe so.  Commanding, by its very nature stunts the flow of liberty.  Without freedom, we are all lost.

There is the risk of letting that unrestricted action overcome common sense and have good taste along with nobility suffer and be buried under the guise of free and easy proceedings.  This can be off-putting, as it involves too much management.  There must be a happy medium which allows for open and honest play within the confines of the rules and regulations of decent behaviour.

Letting loose may be fine, every once in a while, but even that must have its limits.  Breaching the boundaries will bring about original ideas and those thoughts can push people away.  Their discomfort will force them to run as far and as fast in the other direction.

So, while knowing your own limits is important, it is just as vital that the outer-reaches of others is to be considered when one wants to push the envelope and go beyond that which is acceptable fun.  This has been the case throughout history.  This is what helps us all grow and move past what is considered normal.

Having too much of a good thing can turn ugly, fast.  Going too far and suppressing ourselves then pushing again and retreating seems to be the best method of getting people used to the coming changes.  Incremental steps.  Resting and then forward motion will propel all of us into the future.

Grateful For All

Did you know that the people who donate the most, have the most?  And did you know that that does not necessarily refer to money?  It may be the first image that pops into your head because the Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s of this world have more than enough to share for some countries, never mind people.  

So, of course, they can afford to part with a million or two.  While this is correct regarding monetary success, the theory holds true for every aspect of all living souls.  If money is what you have in abundance, by all means dispense that.  If you have a profusion of certain attributes this is where you should consider freely bestowing those gifts.  It could be a sense of humour, your ability to cook, perhaps it may be an art form?  Sharing these parts of one’s life with those who lack in the area, becomes a blessing for everyone.
Giving from the heart is far more meaningful than all the money that both Gates and Buffet possess.  Yes, we all would love to be as wealthy as they are but all their money does not guarantee happiness.  Nor does it testify to one’s misery.  The state is our minds is a total separate entity that can and will stand on it’s own.  Excessive funds will never change a wretched person into someone with an neverending sunny disposition.  That must come from within and be in place when wealth shows up.

Most people desperately want to prove this theory a fallacy.  They soon learn just how true it is.  There is an art to being happy.  It takes practise.  

Blocking out all anguish and misfortune which one is battered with via the media, family, or well-meaning friends can be laborious.  Confronting such disagreeableness may only create more of it.  Let it go.

Give out more love, happiness and kindness and watch how life improves.  All the good will never suppress the bad in the world but it shall not contribute to it either.  This, alone, will stand one in good stead.

If you believe in karma or the Golden Rule, it starts with you.  To obtain peace, send out serenity.  To acquire riches, give wisely and freely.  To recieve the kind of love you want, grant that affection without prejudice to all you come in contact with.  Give openly, expect nothing in return but be grateful for all.

The Truth Conquers All

There is a multitude of manipulation that goes on in the family dynamic.  Parents attempt to control their children or each other.  The kids know how to push the buttons of their mother and/or father in order to get what they want.  And siblings are never without the ability to goad and cajole each other into getting their way.

Now, there may be some folks out there who do not participate in such goings-on; it is rare.  To some degree we all play each other.  It may be to a lesser extent and it might be for the good of a loved one; we do it nonetheless.  Often we will convince ourselves that any disreputable behaviour is beneficial for the others in our lives.

Simple because this is part of the make up of one’s family does not equal cruel and unusual conduct. It is a dysfunction that many have survived and thrived on, only to recreate it with their own children. One bad apple will spoil all the others except for the ones who remain untouched by the rotting process.  

Seeing a mean spirited act is the first step to avoiding contact with it.  That will be a person’s saving grace.  Admitting to a tainting of the same brush will begin the realization of the behaviour in yourself.  Observing without judging will change the outcome.

There is another way to combat such despicable exploits.  The truth.  Not the story one has spun in order to make the manipulation palatable but the cold hard truth.  And that will come with confronting what the ultimate goal is. 

If you want another to do something, instead of conniving them into it, simply ask.  If the answer is ‘no’, move on.  Acceptance will force another solution.  Do not look for the answer that will bring on more unfairness.  Do the deed yourself.  Or have someone else do it who will happily comply.

Be honest and upfront about everything.  That will, in the long run, win over and conquer all forms of underhanded deeds.

Mutiny Of The Bounty

The use of words that continually run through our minds on a regular basis has much to do with the abundance one attracts in life.  This is not new.  Experts have been proclaiming such ideas for decades.  Yet, do most of us heed the wise counsel?  As a person who is right into this stuff, my answer would be a resounding, ‘No!’

How and why, is it that the act of watching what we say gets ignored so vigorously?  It may have something to do with the fact that because of the constant chatter, that is our self-talk, it is difficult to distinguish words and phrases as being negative.  Out of anyone else’s mouth we would label it ‘counter-productive’ and see it for what it was.  Using our own voice (or inner voice) renders our usual good judgement obsolete.

Simple words like ‘I don’t have . . .’ or ‘I can’t afford . . .’ may be the truth but speaking or thinking them makes the statements 100 times more powerful.  Therefore, not only ‘do you not have . . .’ or ‘can you not afford . . .’, you never will be able to ‘have’ or ‘afford’ the things you truly want.  The reason for this is, you are subconsciously sending that very message to the brain.

Despite the fact, it is an honest depiction you are condemning yourself to repeat these very outcomes.  Does that mean, one must lie to themselves and claim the opposite is true?  No.  To do that will solve nothing.  We all inherently know the truth and when we run afoul of it.  The solution must be in choosing more accurate terminology.

It is never the huge aspects of a life that do the most damage.  Our everyday, lazy habits are what sabotage the good we can do for ourselves and others.

So, instead of rebelling against the abundance that is rightly yours, watch your words and use the language of bounty.  No mutinies!

Words Of The Wise

Is experience necessary when dispensing advice?  Are the words of wisdom only viable when backed up with personal knowledge or a degree?  The part of me which enjoys meting out guidance says ‘no’. For instance, when seeking counsel, it would be remiss of anyone to reject the words of a priest on the subject of marriage.  After all, there is a wealth of information available from the Good Book.  As a caveat, I am not a religious person nor am I affiliated with any particular sect.

The same applies for the evidence one may seek about dying or death.  There is very little insight that can be obtained from a live human.  The ones who have experienced this are unavailable for comment. It is possible to inquire of people who have been through near death experiences or who have been declared clinically dead and brought back to life.  Unfortunately, the incidences are as varied as the people involved. Who do we believe?

Experts are a dime-a-dozen, especially in the age of the Internet.  It seems anyone who chooses can proclaim themselves ‘expert’; can and do.  This may well be the case or not?  It is up to the individual to decipher all information one takes on board.  We have had to become skilled in the art of deduction.  Being able to separate fact from fiction.

This, also, speaks to whether one believes the words of another who is spreading the knowledge they have accumulated.  The best way to judge such souls is to trust in your own discernment.  If what you are being told makes sense and seems or feels correct than by all means allow it to penetrate.

While experience can make for a more reliable information-sharing vehicle it truly is not necessary for anyone who wishes to help their fellow human beings.  Book learning can be just as effective.  The person who is giving the advice may be more than capable of converting all that has been learned into personal adaptation.

Take whatever help is offered and turn those wise words into a full and prosperous life.

Peace and Goodwill

The hardest act when facing hostility is to return it with kindness.  If someone is berating you it would be so easy to ‘give as good as you get’.  Or worse, turn around and spread the negativity to others.  This is how and why wars start.  ‘You hurt me, I’ll you hurt or someone else’.  It is never conducive to a peace loving society.

On the other hand, punishment must be meted out to those who willfully defy the law.  If everyone were honourable we would not need such rules and regulations.  This will never happen in our diverse communities.  The many different cultures which inhabit this earth all have their own unique sets of acceptable behaviour.  This can be polar opposite to each other.  Does it make one civilization right and the other wrong?

Of course not.  Life throws us many curves.  Some of them are of our own making despite the fact we advocate harmony.  No one is immune to bad decisions and how they effects yourself and others.

The fact is, that when people are not happy within themselves they begin to create havoc for everyone around them.  These souls are truly unhappy and need understanding, kindness and shown that there is a better way.  As much as it goes against the grain to remain calm, that is exactly what must be done.

Beam as much love into these troubled folks.  The benefits of this response will ripple outwards leading to good, old-fashioned peace and goodwill to all.  We all need that.

Get Moving

They say, movement of any kind gets the creative juices flowing.  That is why if one ever gets stuck or blocked the best solution is to go for a walk.  The whys and wherefores do not matter so much as finding a resolution.  Having trouble creating can make life unbearable.  If it continues for any length of time, stress and worry may become the norm.  This is never conducive to a productive life.

We all need an outlet towards being constructive.  Each one of us has our own unique path which we must follow.  And in doing so, the creative process can become clogged with every day routine.  It may be that this will stunt forward progress.  Leading to blame and recriminations.  Finding the correct activity which will propel one out of the doldrums and into production again will be as easy (or hard) as the individual chooses.

Allowing physical movements to help with creative endeavours will only increase the amount of work that will get done.  It may seem like a strange thing to have to endure.  And pushing through with the exertion might feel like a lame excuse for getting a bit of exercise at the expense of your working environment.  The end results will speak for itself.

Denying any connection between creativity and motion will only end up hindering achievements.  Labelling the fact, ‘psychological mumbo jumbo’ may make one feel superior but that will not help to make any headway.  Seeing the situation for what it is, and attempting all solutions with a free and open attitude is always the quickest way to a positive response.

If walking is not your thing and you would rather take a bike ride, or go for a run, by all means participate in any activity which best suits.  There is no hard and fast rule one must follow in order to find whatever it is they are looking for.

No one enjoys struggling.  Yet, we all endure it at some time in our lives.  Reminding our fellow humans that there is an answer and aiding them in regaining their creativity will reflect well on each of us.  When all is said and done, helping others is the true meaning of removing our own blocks.  Move towards that.